VS – Visual Sparring

Versus is a design challenge created to explore different concepts and create new work. During periods of our down time, myself and my compadre (Ryzard Akita) think of a theme and task ourselves with creating something original that fits said theme. For us, it's a way to keep our design skills fresh, whilst also exploring different mediums outside of our day to day work.

Theme: Alternate Advertising

My concept for this theme was to create my own interpretation of a film poster. As an avid fan of wonderfully designed film posters, I wanted to try my hand at creating one for a ridiculously underrated story (in my opinion); Lupe Fiasco's Kick Push. I wanted to do a pop art styled piece as I felt the tone of the song matched that medium. Those of you familiar with the song will know that it's about a young man telling his story about his life as a skateboarder.


Theme: Time Manipulation

My concept focused on product design (something I've never done before). I wanted to design an elegant yet futuristic time travelling watch that wouldn't look out of place in today's wristwear line ups. For this, I looked at current watch designs as well as futuristic concept designs, and came up with my own that I designed in Maya, then textured using Keyshot. To present it, I wanted to come up with my own branding and slogan, which is when I thought of the name 'TimePiece' and slogan; 'A New Way to Keep Time'.